Murfree evaluation process ongoing



ALBANY, Ga. -- The evaluation process for Dougherty County School System Superintendent Joshua Murfree is under way.

Some decisions were made on how to move forward with this at the Dougherty County Board of Education Superintendent Evaluation Committee meeting Thursday morning.

"We want to make sure we understand our responsibilities and how to do it," said Board member Anita Williams-Brown, the committee's chair.

"The purpose of the evaluation is not to micro manage, but provide oversight."

The committee also consists of board members Velvet Riggins and Darrel Ealum. Carol Tharin, who is not a member of the committee, sat in on Thursday's meeting.

At the National School Boards Association conference in San Francisco, Brown was able to collect a packet that had been used for a superintendent evaluation for Orchard Park Central Schools in New York.

The packet, which is six pages long, covers four areas: educational program and planning, relationship with the board of education, personnel and business and financial management. There are several points under each, and board members are able to rank the superintendent's performance with "1" being unsatisfactory and "5" being outstanding.

Brown also presented a model provided by the Georgia School Boards Association (GSBA). The GSBA instrument outlines nine district goals and nine superintendent tasks.

The 13-page document explains what is to be expected for each goal and task. For each goal, board members are supposed to provide evidence to measure achievement and progress indicators.

While the committee members liked GSBA's model, because there was not enough time to collect the necessary data, they decided unanimously, per Ealum's motion, to go with the one used for Orchard Park with the commitment that the other model be used next year.

The model that the committee is recommending this year for full board approval will be on the agenda at its June 13 meeting. The committee is aiming for a deadline of July 15.

This means that the individual board members would have a month to complete their evaluations.

The committee was mulling over the idea Thursday, as suggested by Riggins, of doing a board retreat in early July to go over goals and tasks before the evaluations are completed. A phone poll of the seven board members will likely be conducted at some point to finalize the process.