Albany needs action, not just more talk

Get ready to vote and make sure you do. B.J. Fletcher is the right person to vote for. She will keep her promises. She is honest and true. Albany doesn’t need any more loud talk and promises with no action.

Being a businesswoman and running a business, she knows what steps to take and she will take them. Albany needs people working for the city who know what honesty means, and base their decisions upon it.

Don’t let your vote go to waste. Make the right decision now, and vote for B.J.




QUIK 3 years, 8 months ago

I have met Ms. Fletcher only once at Chills and just based on that one encounter I would say she would actually stir up government (much needed) in this city. Not taking away from the other candidates knowledge but she is a different kind of person that I believe this city have not experienced and would be breathe of fresh air. The old thinking of the past and the present is causing this city to rust year after year. Look at Amerius, Thomasville and Columbus for the speed of growth and virbrant life compared to Albany making news about companies leaving the city. I hope people would give her a chance instead of voting along 'certain set' guidelines year after year. Nothing changes until you do.


KaosinAlbany 3 years, 8 months ago

If the people of this town really desire change for the better then Vote BJ. She will improve our town and quality of life. Dorothy is just like the rest of the corrupt officials in town. Dorothy likes to grandstand, but really what has she accomplished compared to BJ over the years? I personally can't think of one thing Dorothy has done, but I can think of many good things BJ has accomplished as a citizen of this community.


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