Sexual orientation no reason to cast stones

Michael Reagan’s column “Experiment should be an outrage” (Oct. 23) reflects the alpha male mentality that the genitalia is the only factor determining gender. Not so, scientists say with research dipping deeper into all things human.

Past series of “Mysteries of the Brain” is only one documentary aired on TV which included information about gender. They found a nerve ganglion on top of and between the two lobes of the brain. In males, the ganglion is a long rectangle; in females, it is shaped like a bone — larger on both ends and smaller along the middle. The brain of a homosexual cadaver revealed a ganglion shaped like that of a female, meaning he had thought and felt like a woman.

Also, Washington Post Weekly printed photos of brain scans comparing activity of a male homosexual with a woman. The results were very similar, as were the results of a man compared with a lesbian. Both scans were made while viewing erotic pictures.

Researchers concluded the deformity must be caused by elevated estrogen in the blood of pregnant women, which flows into the unborn fetus. With lesbians, less estrogen and more testosterone in female fetuses.

Estrogen is elevated in women under stress of emotional disturbances. Also cited were chemicals that combine with other chemicals to emulate estrogen in the air, food and water. Scientists even pointed to birth control pills where estrogen may not be completely absorbed in women and is not destroyed in sewage treatment plants, which release water back into streams and aquifers. Fish and amphibians are affected, for males have been filmed acting as nesting females.

No child can change the brain it develops in the womb, so it becomes a victim of circumstance. The problem can only increase until our environment is cleaned up and pregnant women take more care of themselves.

More often now we hear of those unwilling or unable to endure the confusion of minds not synchronized with their bodies and who are harassed by ignorance or religion in a society without understanding or caring.

Those outraged by anyone making a painful and most personal decision to change the only thing they can change — their body — can only stand aside and pray the Pharisee’s prayer, “God, I thank thee that I am not as other men are ... even this sinner,” (Luke 18:11). But casting the first stone (John 8:7) should make them think again.




jblk96 3 years, 11 months ago

Are we supposed to believe this just because you say some science research has verified it? Well, science showed Saddam had WMDs. Science showed Bush had won 2000 election, but they recanted later that evening. Science and research has put certain drugs on the market that were later recalled becuase they killed people. a scientific poll showed that an incumbent governor of Georgia would easily maintain the governor's mansion, but he lost to a nobody in 2002.

Gay righhts activists can make science say what they need it to say to promote their agendas. No one is born a particular sexual preference. It is aquired. Isn't it funny that polls say most Americans favor samesex marriage, yet 41 of 50 states outlawed it. In Georgia, we defeated it 3-4, 75% of voters said no. Of the remaining 9 states, 2 have no law for or against it, and 7 permit it; but, of those seven most of them have those laws permitting gay marriage because activists judges overrode the will of the people as happened in California.


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