Squawk of the day - Nov. 2, 2011

"I refuse to buy any more Halloween candy for trick or treaters until Albanians learn to teach their children some manners. And if you can’t, then keep them in your neighborhood so my neighbors don’t get disrespected by your hoodlums."

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daisymae 4 years ago

What was up with all of the adults dressing up and trick or treating ? I sat in a neighborhood with friends and the adults had their OWN bag.


Shinedownfan 4 years ago

I guess so they dont have to be at home giving out candy to the non-neighborhood kids (and adults)... LOL!


TrixibelleBento 4 years ago

Manners and civility have gone out the window.

I wouldn't have given any candy to an adult--go buy your own!


Outtahere 4 years ago

I agree!! People in general are so rude!! When you say the words "trick or treat" - that means you are asking someone to GIVE you some candy!! It seems like common sense to me - be polite to people you are asking something from!! Most of the children are rude and don't even say "thank you". It is not a requirement to participate - and I will no longer!


herewegoagain 4 years ago

What about the ones carrying two bags and telling the homeowner this one is my Mama's?


firefly 4 years ago

We didn't give candy out this year either. Mainly because last year I ended up with chewed up bubblegum stuck to my porch where someone spit it out!! Yeah, no thanks!


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