Universities need to learn to control costs

Both print and media news seem to have finally noticed that college costs are skyrocketing. The problem is really much better solved in Georgia (and probably in the whole country) by controlling costs than by the president’s restructuring of the student loan program. I suggest:

1) Persuade the Board of Regents that we are no longer running a free farm club system for the NBA and the NFL. Offer scholarships only to academically qualified student-athletes who are actually pursuing degrees and restrict expenses for luxury dorms and worldwide travel. Restrict coaching salaries to academic standards; i.e. pay a head coach like the head of an academic department and assistants like professors.

2) Realize that colleges are teaching institutions with professors who spend the majority of their time actually teaching. Universities, by contrast, have graduate programs and professors who spend most of their time on research and writing. It is not good policy to give every wide place in the Georgia road a university. Most communities need community colleges, not research programs.

3) Find the moron who decided that every college and university needs palatial administrative offices and electronic billboards and fire him (or her).

4) Restrict the growth of academic salaries to something approaching comparability with salaries in other fields requiring similar qualifications.




gotanyfacts 4 years ago

Add one more: End all special group studies programs. These are nothing more than propaganda conduits.


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