Left-wing attacks of Cain are baseless



Reporter: We’re Not Going To Get Into Details Of Exactly What Happened ...

Fmr. Secy: Not the Cain I know ...


Coulter: They Are Terrified Of Strong, Conservative Black Men ...

RUSH: Unconscionable Racially Charged Attack ...

The stories behind these headlines illustrate why good people no longer want to run for the presidency of the United States. They immediately become targets of the left, which almost always pulls the race card or the sexual harassment card when they have nothing legitimate to say against the people they fear.

In Herman Cain’s case they use both disgusting smear tactics. They have no shame.

The website Politico has dredged up a couple of items which it claims show that Herman Cain has a background that includes sexual harassment of two former employees of a group he once headed. The exact nature of the alleged offenses is left obscure, filed under the heading of sexual harassment. The women were given financial settlements by the restaurant association on the grounds that the allegations should be settled even if meritless.

The women are left unidentified, and Cain heatedly denies both allegations. But the damage is done and regardless of the fact that they are baseless, as he insists, they are out there.

Ask yourself: If similar accusations were aimed at any liberal candidate would the mainstream media, aside from condemning the charges, give them much publicity? Ask Paula Jones, harassed by the media for daring to accuse President Clinton of sexually abusing her. They smeared her mercilessly. Clinton got off unscathed. Jones is left with Clinton’s advice to “put some ice” on her lips after he had allegedly bruised them when forcing himself upon her.

Not so with Herman Cain. He’s a conservative Republican who is ahead in the polls for the GOP presidential nomination and enjoys widespread support from the public. As far as the media are concerned, he’s guilty of sexually harassing two unidentified women, known only to Politico, whether or not the accusations are true.

A lot is known about Herman Cain. And what is known is that he has proven himself to be an honest and decent man who is obviously not capable of the behavior with which he is charged. To the left wing-dominated media, that’s inconsequential. What matters is that as a conservative Republican leading his rivals in the GOP presidential sweepstakes, he is a menace to their socialistic agenda and must be destroyed.

The media’s double standard is once again exposed inasmuch as President Obama’s clouded background is carefully ignored.

Cain, who is obviously qualified for the office, is challenged on what appear to be the most specious of grounds. Given his superb background as a good, decent and honest man, the accusations ring hollow — except to the Stalinist segment of the media which insists that conservative politicians are always guilty, regardless of the merits of the charges.

It’s no wonder decent men and women avoid getting involved in elective politics. It’s not worth the trouble.

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tbmuch 4 years ago

Mr. Regan you may "spin" Mr. Cain troubles any way you care to but the facts remain: 1. If settlements were made to the women that alleged Mr. Cain acted inappropriately, then I do not believe the allegations are "baseless" or without "merit" as you seems to believe. 2. Mr. Cain had more than ample time to form a defense to the "allegations" before they hit the news wire, he nor anyone from his campaign staff did. 3. When Mr. Cain came forward with an explanation, it was weak and changeable by him. In conclusion if you are planning on a run for anything publicly, then you had better be ready for your past actions to be combed with a fine tooth comb, as it should be.


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