ATC President surprises intruder inside his home

ALBANY, Ga. -- According to Albany Police Department reports, Albany Technical College President Anthony Parker surprised a burgler inside his East Doublegate home Wednesday night and a brief struggle ensued before the intruder fled the scene.

Parker was returning home from a conference in Savannah when he encountered the intruder at approximately 9:30 p.m. Police say the man was armed with a pistol that turned out to be a BB handgun.

The police report just released by APD states: "Dr. Parker stated that when he arrived home he found an unknown white male inside of his residence. Mr. Parker stated that he observed the suspect in possession of a (nickle) plated handgun. He stated that he wrestle(d) with the suspect, took the suspect’s gun and the suspect ran out of the front door. Mr. Parker stated that the above listed items were stolen/ recovered. Lt. Austin responded to the scene and this case remains active."

Items reported stolen included Dell lap top computer, Samsung flip phone, Smirnoff Vodka bottle/ misc. coins, Seiko watch. The coin bottle and cell phone were listed as recovered items.

The burglar was described as a white male 20-25 years old and wearing dark clothes and a mask. The robber fled across the Doublegate Country Club Golf course.

"Dr. Parker is fine and talking to police detectives right now, "ATC Director of Public Relations and Information Wendy Howel said Thursday morning. "Dr. Parker is not making any statements at this time. We're just glad he's OK."


waltspecht 4 years ago

See what happens when you drive the High School School Bus, while your still in High School, in your formative years. You learn how to handle problems. Good on Ya Doc. Only next time be more careful.


Martian 4 years ago

Very courageous. Hats off to you Dr. Parker.


supersquawker 4 years ago

See? The movie is already making a difference in the Albany community.


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