DCSS AYP, grad rates improve

ALBANY -- The Dougherty County School System made gains in academic performance, meeting adequate yearly progress requirements and graduation rates in the final report for the last school year.

Twenty of the system's 26 schools (or 77 percent) met all requirements for AYP compared to 73.7 percent statewide.

"Our goal is to continue to improve performance and much work is being accomplished by curriculum improvements and teacher training," DCSS Public Information Director R. D. Harter said in a statement. "We will apply what we are learning through federal School Improvement Grant initiatives and performance enhancing directions gained through Race To The Top action."

Westover High made AYP in both academic performance and graduation rate, while Albany and Dougherty high schools met academic requirements but fell short on graduation rates.

Monroe High did not meet either standard.

The high schools, however have improved graduation rates by 20 percent over the past five years.

Thirteen of the system's 16 elementary schools made AYP. The ones that did not make the mark -- Martin Luther King, Morningside and Northside -- were left off the list because the annual measurable objective for English Language Arts.