Community mourns a fallen hero

ALBANY — Police officers from the four corners of Georgia and states such as Florida and Alabama met local law enforcement in Albany Friday to honor a fallen officer.


Terry Lewis-Flemming

Funeral ceremonies for Albany Police Department Officer Terry Lewis-Flemming, 36, in the Albany Civic Center drew more than 1,000 mourners from every local law enforcement agency and many agencies throughout the state.

Lewis-Flemming died after her patrol car crashed while she chased armed robbery suspects Oct. 28 in East Albany. The two robbers have been charged with murder and other charges.

“She gave her life doing what she signed up to do,” said police Sgt. Keithen Hall. “We would like the community to know the sacrifices we make for them.”

Judging from the outpouring of “amens” while Fredrick Williams Sr., pastor of the Gethsemane Worship Center, spoke to the crowd, the community appreciated their police.

Quoting a 19th Century Massachusetts preacher D. L. Moody, Williams said that Lewis-Fleming was not dead, “She just moved to a higher place.”

Perhaps the most touching part of the service was a “Tribute to Our Mom” delivered by her son, Shundrecus, with brothers Cordarraus and Catavious at his side.

“My beautiful, kind and gentle,” said Shundrecus before he choked up, waited, gathered his emotions and continued, “Beautiful, kind and gentle mother with much joy and love she would place upon me, in many ways she made me believe that all my dreams I will achieve... . She will always be my hero.”

Dealing with the sadness of losing a close teammate under his command in the Central Uniform Division, Capt. Eddie Jones recalled a conversation with Lewis-Flemming.

“She cried uncontrollably for her husband, Henry, who just lost his sister,” Jones said. “The tears were not for herself, but for her husband. That is the kind of person she was.”

Albany Police Chief John Procter said the entire law enforcement family was mourning the loss.

“We, the police, need for you to not forget us or forget her,” Proctor said. “We lost a law enforcement member, a wife and a mother. And we will continue to support the community because that is what she would want us to do.”

U.S. Rep. Sanford Bishop, D-Albany, was unable to attend but he sent a representative with a certificate proclaiming special congressional recognition to Lewis-Flemming for her outstanding service to the community.

Lewis-Flemming’s flag-draped casket was escorted by a multitude of police patrol cars to Floral Memory Gradens where it was buried with full honors.

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Officials honor fallen officer


slb123 3 years, 9 months ago

My prayers are with Terry Lewis Flemming and her family. Although I did not know her personally, her service to her community shows just how great a person she must have been. Just like those serving in our military, we often take for granted those police officers who serve and protect us in our communities. They put their lives on the line to protect us everyday and for that I am thankful. RIP Terry Lewis Flemming.


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