Dougherty to get robotics program

ALBANY, Ga. — Thanks to the efforts of 100 Black Men of Albany, Georgia First and J.C. Penney, a robotics program is coming to Dougherty High School.

“Dougherty will be our pilot program,” 100 Black Men President Sanford Hillsman said. “We are hope the success of that program will allow us to draw in the other high schools. We’ve made rapid progress with this, we just started in August. But Georgia First and J.C. Penney have given us a boost in a short time.”

Called The First Tech Challenge, FTC is designed for those who want to compete head-to-head, using a sports model. Teams of up to 10 students are responsible for designing, building and programming their robots to compete in an alliance format against other teams.

The robot kit is reusable from year-to-year and is programmed using a variety of languages. Teams, including coaches, mentors and volunteers, are required to develop strategy and build robots based on sound engineering principles.

Awards are given for the competition as for well as for community outreach, design, and other real-world accomplishments.

Students get to:

  • - Design, build, and program robots
  • - Apply real-world math and science concepts
  • - Develop problem-solving, organizational, and team-building skills
  • - Compete and cooperate in alliances and tournaments
  • - Earn a place in the World Championship
  • - Qualify for close to $7 million in college scholarships

“We feel this program will give our students a chance to lean about engineering, teamwork and competition,” DCHS Principal Jose’ Roquemore said. “We are elated to be a part of this endeavor.”


sumterco 4 years ago

Robotics or ebonics? I'm just saying....could the 100 black men spend it on something else. What about spend money to make sure students have a grasp of the english language.


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