HBCUs back off planned rally at Regents meeting

The "Show-of-Support" rally was aimed at preventing the state's three historically black colleges and universities from being merged with other schools.

ATLANTA — A rally put on by Georgia’s three Historically Black Colleges and Universities to convince the board of Regents to spare them from any possible mergers with other schools has been canceled, according to a letter circulating the Internet Monday.

The letter, which is addressed to alumni of Albany State University, Savannah State University and Fort Valley State University, was circulated on Facebook and other social media Monday afternoon.

It contends that, after a conference call Monday among the presidents of the three universities and their alumni association leadership, a decision was made to cancel the “HBCU Show-of-Support” rally set for today.

According to the letter, the presidents agreed that the rally may be viewed negatively by the public and by the board if held today because of ceremonies to officially install the system’s new chancellor.

“The Investiture of the Chancellor will be the focus of the Board’s meeting; consequently, the University Presidents, as well as the National Alumni Presidents, believe any action that distracts from this ‘ceremony’ would be viewed negatively and place our institutions in an untenable position,” the letter says.

“The University presidents strongly feel that the chancellor can be taken at his word that the three HBCU’s will not be targeted in any merger/consolidation effort,” the letter states.

The Regents are believed to be considering merging some college campuses around the state and are expected to review a report during their meeting today that examines the geographic distances between Georgia’s college and university campuses.

New Chancellor Hank Huckaby is believed to be preparing several proposals for the board to consider sometime this winter, according to a report in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Officials drafted six “consolidation principles” to guide the process. Any merger should make the system more cost-effective, improve graduation rates and provide more access statewide to quality programs, according to the proposal obtained by the AJC.

While no list of schools has been made public, alumni for Albany State and Darton believe, because of the proximity of the schools, the Albany schools may be on the list.

Below is the letter

To all Alumni,

This is to advise you that the GA HBCUs' Show-of-Support in Atlanta at the Board of Regents' Meeting on Tuesday, November 8, has been cancelled. Repeat, this GA HBCUs' Show-of-Support has been cancelled. A conference call was held this morning between the three University Presidents and the three National Alumni Presidents. Information was shared by the University Presidents which has caused us to redirect our Show-of-Support. As a result, the three National Alumni Presidents have made the decision to cancel the Show-of-Support at the BOR Meeting on Tuesday. The Investiture of the Chancellor will be the focus of the Board's meeting; consequently, the University Presidents, as well as the National Alumni Presidents, believe any action that distracts from this "ceremony" would be viewed negatively and place our institutions in an untenable position. There was considerable discussion about the strategy and tactics to be employed in order to best demonstrate our support for our Institutions and the University Presidents fully understand this desire; however, from a tactical standpoint, it was decided that a large gathering of Alumni on Tuesday would not be in our best interest at this time. The University Presidents strongly feel that the Chancellor can be taken at his word that the three HBCU's will not be targeted in any merger/consolidation effort. Again, the three National Alumni Presidents have cancelled the Show-of-Support for Tuesday, November 8th. Please disseminate this information to all Alumni as soon as possible. The three National Alumni Presidents will be advising all Alumni of future efforts to demonstrate our "Show-of-Support".

Greg Hylick, ASU National Alumni Association

Roy Jackson, SSU National Alumni Association

Dorothy Moss, FVSU National Alumni Association


coachjohnson42 4 years ago

Even though the rally is cancelled, dont lose your position!!!! Stop sleeping with Lions as you may wake up consumed!!


supersquawker 4 years ago

Yeah go ahead and p__s off the people who have the decision power right there in their hands. That would be brilliant.


DrMax 4 years ago

The only hope we have to be able to compete, equally, with and against other members of society for "best position" is to acquire the best education possible. That said, an education received @ an HBCU is near useless. In the macro, HBCUs are simply an appeasement strategy designed to GIVE black folk the "feel good" of a college degree, while not providing them with genuine, powerful knowledge. But before we "go to hatin'," one must understand that the whole of the (PreK - College) Public Education System was designed for no other purpose than to provide a malleable product, from the masses of peoples of all colors, for the continuity of the corporate and governmental entities. It functions today exactly as it was ever meant to. See "johntaylorgatto.com"

Ask yourself this: As a graduate of an HBCU, why is it that I am not intimately familiar with the concept(s) of logic & reason and "Critical Thinking Skills?" If you respond, "Well I don't know," it is because you, none of you, were never meant to "get it." And again, this has nothing to do with what color one's skin is. It was all designed to benefit "the system."

In the public education system, an HBCU is the near the bottom of the higher education scale. Not many businesses want graduates of regular public-school universities, because the "products" are not very smart as a rule, distinctively dull-witted and undisciplined. Even less quality employers want graduates from HBCUs, except to fill race-based hiring quotas, because they are, quite generally, even "less smart." And nobody but an idiot would hire anyone with a degree from one of the "diploma mills."

Lets be brave and test the top graduates from an HBCU against those matriculating at the top of their classes in regular public-schools ... and then test them against top Ivy League grads. If one has a degree, yet cannot read, write, walk, talk, dress, drive, utilize appropriate social skills and good manners, form complex sentences and comprehend complex ideas, with ease, in order to function well within the complex larger society, then the whole point has been lost.

Having spent considerable time on the ASU campus, I can assure you that it is the case that most leaving this campus are simply unfit to join society as equal members. It seems the only thing HBCUs are good for is teaching folks how to party, play the race card, manipulate the system, utilize victim status, and how to make and accept excuses for intellectual incapacity. HBCUs are jokes. To be a student or a graduate of an HBCU is to be a loser. To be a professor at an HBCU is to promote "loserhood." The joke is a bad one, and it is on us.

The only hope for HBCU students to be able to compete in the market against students from the public schools is to lose that silly "special status" that HBCU affords them, and to step up, at the very least, to the standards of regular public school status.

"Merger" is good.


Outtahere 4 years ago

DrMax, I find your posts to be very interesting and well written. I would love to hear your opinions on more issues. I hope that you take the time to write additional posts.


DrMax 4 years ago


Thank you for the kind words. I do so enjoy the writing if for no other reason than for the mental calisthenics, the hand-eye coordination, and the anti-arthritis exercises. If all goes as I hope, I will soon become a regular on the AH & WALB editorial forums.



Outtahere 4 years ago

You are welcome. I hope to hear more from you! "Mental calisthenics" - I love it!!!


supersquawker 4 years ago

Doc, you had me at "an education received @ an HBCU is near useless."


Progressive 4 years ago

Why is it still a sensitive issue for ASU to continue using a reference of "historically black college"? Just because there were circumstances that provided an opportunity for a specific race to start a college, based on racial conditions in the past, does not justify maintaining a racially insensitive title forever. This reasoning therefore could be used to justify using a title of "historically white college", "historically white cemetary" and many other titles that are no longer prudent for today's society. It is time for a paradigm shift so that Albany can have an improved mind set, and truly make some progress with being able to work together. Defenders of this title reference only stand to show they have not succeeded in learning the "critical thinking" aspects of college, and they are now the racist breed.


DrMax 4 years ago

Bravo "Progressive." Very well said.

"Supersquawker," A quick (but very reliable) measure of another's "education" (and whether or not it "took") may be estimated by observing the spelling and grammar usage in a person's writing (and also, very arguably, in their speech). While we would all do well to be mindful of our common humanity and the tendency to err unawares (or at least unintentionally) being foremost among human frailties, we must all pay close attention to all things (the totality of circumstances) in order to make good decisions and to make wise judgments. That said, it has been my experience that most persons whose education has been provided by the PreK thru College "Public Education System" are operating well below their human capacity and potential. Public education is now and has always been a purposeful and intentional "dumbing down" process, an inexcusable offense put among the common man by an elitist oligarchy who hates them, and everything about them. And the educations provided by the HBCUs are even worse. They are the very epitome of "the tyranny of low expectation."

Please, Sir - do look up two things: "johntaylorgatto.com" ... and the "Dunning-Kruger Effect."

The proof is in the product: The common man is the product of system specifically designed, established and maintained to manage him from birth to death in a fashion whereby the status quo may go about their business unimpeded by a unthinking, unresistant populace.


gotanyfacts 4 years ago

Now you've gone and messed me up Doc! I looked up D-K Effect and now I'm wondering... Am I because I am? Or, am I not, because I think I am?


TrixibelleBento 4 years ago

I still don't understand why the title HBCU is still needed. I thought that African-Americans wanted to integrate with society and be afforded the same opportunities as everyone else? Segregating yourselves with a HBCU title just doesn't strike me as integrating with others. Are they afraid of competing with the Darton students if they're forced to merge?

Albany unfortunately is still stuck in the 50s/60s. When you see a group of whites and blacks in the same room, the blacks sit with the blacks and whites sit with the whites. This is not race relations--it's racial dysfunction! Other cities are able to mix and mingle, but we're still caught up in the old fights of the Movement. Until people learn to "go with the flow" and accept that our current budgetary situation is not going away anytime soon, this community will never progress.

I have a feeling that even if ASU/Darton merge, there will be an "East Campus" and "West Campus" and things won't change very much. The State has spent too much money on both campuses to let one go, unless they lease it to ITT Tech or University of Phoenix.


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