Fletcher already makes positive difference

B.J. Fletcher is already making a positive difference in Albany, and she hasn’t waited for a leadership “title” to do it. Because of her “job challenge” in the fall of 2009, over 500 new jobs were added to the local workforce that year! She has worked hard to help promote and develop our downtown — a feat which has brought success in two other communities similar to our own. B.J. is honest and has knowledge of the inner-workings of the city. She holds a place on the ADICA board and, after becoming aware of corruption in our local use (and misuse) of money, she has not been afraid to call out those who are responsible. B.J. also has a heart for others less fortunate and takes it upon herself to help feed the homeless.

B.J. has already approached industrial leaders to encourage them to branch out in the Albany area! She listens to what our citizens are interested in — and then she tries to help promote those interests to enrich our community (i.e., her promotion of the new young Dtown Arts Coalition, which has shown some of the amazing, untapped talents here)! B.J. has the strong personality necessary to go to Atlanta to stand up for Southwest Georgia.

What have the others holding positions of leadership in this community done with their office time to make anything better for our citizens?

It is time to put someone in a leadership position here who truly wants to make a positive difference — and then will do just that.

Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream that the day would come when a person would be judged not solely on the color of his skin. That dream can work in all directions! We must put prejudice aside in this community and work together if we are to survive and go forward. B.J. cares about all of the citizens of Albany! Our children deserve a safer environment and a better education, with promise of a workplace in which to use that education! If you also want to make a positive difference for all of us, you will go to the polls on (today) and vote for B.J. Fletcher for Mayor. I already have.