Folks not hungry yet in 4th-poorest area

I spoke with a friend of 30 years. He has lived in Southwest Georgia for 75 years. I asked him what he thought of the rating the area had as the fourth-poorest area in the USA. He said that people around here aren’t that bad off. There are squirrels running around.

When he and his brothers were coming up, there weren’t many squirrels, because if one showed up they were quickly added to the pot. He asked if I remembered when we used to hunt hogs? If we killed one, we had a list of preachers to call and the meat never went to waste.

He then asked if I could even guess the last time a rural church had a hog-cleaning and meat distribution? How many churches even have a scalding pot anymore?

Then we both wondered how many of these folks even knew how to clean and prepare a squirrel or hog? The area is overrun with hogs and squirrels. No, folks aren’t hungry around here. At least not hungry enough.