Hubbard is the best choice for mayor

(Today), the citizens of our community will once again go to the polls and select a new mayor. The success of our community will largely depend upon the leadership provided by the next mayor. While I do not presume to tell the voters of our community how to vote, I have examined the record, platform and experience of each of the three candidates running for this most important office and have decided to vote for Dorothy Hubbard.

I have know Dorothy Hubbard for many years. She has been a dedicated community leader for many years. Her 29 years in higher education were marked with success and achievement in a number of important positions at Albany State University. She ended her career as assistant to the president. Her steadfast and measured leadership, along with other capable administrators of the period, allowed Albany State to grow and prosper in spite of many obstacles, including the disastrous flood of 1994.

Not only has Dorothy excelled in her professional life, she has utilized her talents in leadership positions with the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society, the Albany Museum of Art, Girls Inc. of Albany and Semper Fidelis Club. Clearly, her community activism signals the concern and dedication necessary to lead our community.

Until her recent resignation to seek the office of mayor, Dorothy served on the Albany City Commission since the spring of 2005. She represents Ward II. In many ways, Ward II is a microcosm of our community. Ward II is diverse in terms of its racial composition and the socioeconomic status of its residents. Dorothy Hubbard has used her experience and compassion to gain the confidence and the respect of the residents of Ward II, notwithstanding their position or status within our community. Clearly, Dorothy Hubbard has the leadership skills and insight necessary to be mayor of our community.

Of course, being mayor is much different from being on the City Commission. Each member of the City Commission brings different views to the table from different parts of our community who have very different needs. A successful mayor must mold these divergent views and lead the commission in formulating a public policy in the best interest of the total community. Without question, Dorothy Hubbard can lead the commission to a brighter future and create an environment for progress in the city of Albany.

I intend to vote for Dorothy Hubbard for mayor.



EDITOR’S NOTE: Tommy Coleman, an Albany attorney, is a former Albany mayor and currently serves as attorney for the Dougherty County School System.


truthsayer 3 years, 10 months ago

The city of Albany has fed you for I don't know how long, sure you want to keep the same mentality that's already in office, easier to bilk the system.


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