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Marietta defends seat in Ward IV

Roger Marietta

Roger Marietta

ALBANY — Winning found Roger Marietta relaxing with his friends and his favorite Christian band at the new Austin’s restaurant near the mall. With 2,549 votes, or 81 percent of the total, Marietta handily defeated his opponent, who garnered just 599 votes, or 19 percent.

“I feel good,” Marietta said. “I’ve been trying not to feel overconfident, though. I think what did it for me was the work I’ve been doing in the neighborhoods — talking with people about their concerns. Neighborhood watch is a big one.”

Albany City Commissioner Ward IV

✓ Roger Marietta (i) 2,549
Jason McCoy 599

Marietta minimized the effect of the campaign itself, placing credit for his win on the “bond” he’s developed in neighborhoods and in various institutions.

“This is a bond I’ve been strengthening with these folks for four years now,” Marietta said. “For the past 3 1/2 years I’ve wanted to be upbeat about Albany,” Marietta said. “We have to visualize where we want Albany to be. We have to believe we can be better.”

The winning candidate thanked his opponent, Jason McCoy, for running an “issue based” campaign.

Jason McCoy and his wife/campaign manager, Tammy, were with friends at Booters, downtown when his defeat became apparent. They took the news easily.

“It was worth it,” McCoy said, “It was probably more difficult than I expected. Who knows? You may see us again.”

Marietta expressed gratitude for those who voted for him and “made his victory possible.”

“A lot of the churches were right out there with me,” Marietta said, “and the American Legion, too.”

Marietta credited the “leadership” of Albany Technical College, Darton College and Albany State University as contributing strongly to his successful campaign.

“I have a lot friends in those institutions and the network of leaders helped in my success.”

When asked what he would like to do in his coming term as commissioner, Marietta said that he would like to “slow down” the procedural system in the practice of “dispensing with the second readings.”

“That would give people not in the commission the time to understand what is going on,” Marietta said.

Marietta also said that during his second term he wanted to focus on economic development for the city.

“We have a lot of advantages here,” Marietta said. With Water Gas and Light we have some of the lowest rates of anywhere in the state. We’re a region health center here in Albany, and the new inland port will make a difference too. We can build to make things better.”