Voters OK education sales tax

ALBANY, Ga. — Despite last-minute political controversy from within the Dougherty County School System, voters still managed to pass a referendum to renew the system’s $100 million sales tax.

According to unofficial numbers, 8,921 votes — or 58.7 percent of votes cast on the question — were in favor of renewing the one-percent sales tax for the school system, while 6,278 votes — or 41.3 percent — voted against it.

Extension of Special Education Sales Tax

✓ Yes 8,921
No 6,278

Some voiced concerns in the days leading up to election day about the impact that a recent school scandal involving a principal, who has been charged with falsifying documents to get her daughter into a free-lunch program despite the fact the principal makes more than $90,000 per year, would have on the vote.

The vote allows the board to go ahead with construction and capital projects, maintenance and other programs. If the referendum had failed, it would have been at least two years until the measure could be put before the voters again.

The sales tax, known as Special Tax for Education Progress III, will last for five years or until it generates $100 million in revenue, whichever comes first.


Justice4Moma 4 years ago

Now as long as this goes for what it was voted to go for i am fine with it.But Dont Abuse it.It s for the kids,not for pockets it dont belong in.I can see some changes comming to Albany,and i have Prayed for that for a long time.I would have voted NO,but that is just me.I think they should be able to control there money the right way.Not to pay for people to get payed vacations when they do something wrong.GOD BLESS the Children Of Albany,and the people who really are in it for them.


Shinedownfan 4 years ago

This really needed to pass, even though voting "no" would have sent a message, we dont need property taxes going any higher.


lmerie 4 years ago

Actually, the portion of the property taxes that can go to the school system has already capped out. That would not have been an option.


Tired 4 years ago

These numbers should send a very LOUD message to the school board that the citizens are tired of crappy antics on their parts. Do what you were elected to do, run the school system so that everyone in the county benefits and quit lining your pockets and those of your cronies with tax dollars or you will be voted out and, hopefully, arrested like Gloria Baker.


Margie 4 years ago

I voted NO and I certainly stand by my vote. As a citizen and taxpayer with no children in public schools, I shouldn't have to pay any school taxes, period. My children are adults, and the two grandchildren that live in Albany are on private school. Some may say, well it was choice. Yes, the choice with no option because they were zoned performed poorly and are included in the testing investigation. I should have an option to direct my taxes to the school of my preference. But, the vote is a close deal, but I hope School Board members take note. I believe voter apathy was the favor for the DCSB. People didn't get out to vote. I certainly Pray that those funds are used to benefit the students and is accountable.


supersquawker 4 years ago

Maggie you put forth the most ridiculous illogical thoughts that I've ever heard expressed. You could offset your state income taxes (if you have any) by contributing to SCA's GOAL fund. That would make you feel better.


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