Trio of changes made at Albany Convention & Visitors Bureau

Teresa Smith, Jenny Collins and Courtney Spencer will assume new roles.

From left, Jenny Collins, Teresa Smith and Courtney Spencer

From left, Jenny Collins, Teresa Smith and Courtney Spencer

— The Albany Convention and Visitor’s Bureau has announced a new staff structure at the CVB.

Effective immediately, Albany State University student Teresa Smith, who has served as an information clerk and later as services coordinator at the CVB since 2008, will take over as the Welcome Center Manager, said Albany Area Chamber of Commerce/CVB President and CEO Catherine Glover.

Smith replaces Rashelle Beasley as the center manager. Beasley was promoted last month to interim CVB manager.

In December, longtime Chamber staffer Jenny Collins will join the CVB staff as its Marketing and Communications Manager.

Also joining the CVB in December is former Strive2Thrive Circles Coach Courtney Spencer, an alumnus of Albany State University. Spencer will take over duties vacated by Liz Gray, who served as a full-time sales and public relations manager for the CVB.

“We are blessed to have some really talented and dedicated people in this community,” Glover said. “All we needed to do is look internally and assess whether we had the right people in the right places. Once we did that, the restructuring came naturally. Encouraging some our team members to bring a fresh perspective to an already successful organization is just the thing we need to build momentum and drive even stronger results in the future.”

Smith, a native of Albany, joined the CVB in 2008. Initially hired to serve as an information clerk, Smith was later promoted to Services Coordinator where she served as chair of the International Festival. Over the years, Smith has worked on area events including Mardi Gras, the Lumberjack Show, Flint Music & International Fest and many others. Smith is credited with launching the CVB’s first special events planning seminar and family reunion workshops.

A graduate of Monroe Comprehensive High School and Darton College, Smith is currently enrolled at Albany State University where she is seeking a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management.

Collins, also a native Albanian, earned her Bachelor’s of Arts in Communications, with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Visual Communication from Berry College in Rome.

Collins started at the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce in February 2003 as a chamber assistant. In February 2004, Collins was promoted to the position of Special Events Coordinator at the Chamber, coordinating hundreds of Chamber-related events including the Hangzhou, China Community Education Development Training Delegation, and the inaugural ‘Taste of Downtown Albany’. Collins is a founding member of the Chamber’s young professional network, Emerge Albany. Recently, Collins served as executive assistant to Catherine Glover at the Chamber.

Spencer, an ASU graduate, earned her Bachelor of Arts’ degree in music and served as a mentoring coach for Strive2Thrive, the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce’s workforce development initiative aimed at reducing poverty in the region. She is a former instructor with the Levee Studios.


whattheheck 4 years ago

One could ask "What is going on with the CVB?" And another question could be "Does everyone hired in Albany have to be an ASU product?"


Citizen1 4 years ago

No new hires here, these folks were already working for the Chamber/CVB.


sue 4 years ago

These are good people. But the FACTS remain that Lisa Riddle led the CVB to great heights and increased tourism dramatically. Glover chose to fire her for purely personal reason and everyone of these women need to watch their backs when they gain more respect than Catherine (and they will) she will do the same thing to them.


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