Arrests for Sylvester robbery tied to Albany

ALBANY, Ga. — Arrested for a Sylvester armed robbery, an Albany woman had loaned her Chevrolet Tahoe to men involved in an Albany robbery escape that led to an Albany Police Department officer’s death, an investigator said.

“I spent Monday and Tuesday in Albany with the Albany Police tracking them down,” said Ronnie Graddy, Sylvester Police Department investigator. “We got Dontravious Gordon Monday and Jessica Anderson Tuesday. Kudos to the Albany police and the gang unit; they were a great help.”

Anderson, 23, and Gordon, 25, also of Albany, remain in Dougherty County Jail, said a jail spokeswoman. Both face armed robbery, aggravated assault and street gang terrorism charges for the Oct. 28 Sylvester robbery, she added.

According to police reports, the robbery of Sylvester’s Personal Finance Company by Gordon and Wesley Wilkerson, 22, using a blue Chevrolet Tahoe, driven by Anderson as a get away car, was part of a gang initiation.

Later that same day Wilkerson with Kentrell Bernard Butler, 22, drove the Tahoe through East Albany after they robbed Consolidated Finance at 425 Pine Ave., the reports added. Albany Police Officer Terry Lewis-Flemming died in a crash resulting from the pursuit of the armed robbers in the Tahoe.

Butler joined Wilkerson in Dougherty County Jail facing felony murder charges, aggravated assault, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and during the commission of a crime charges from the robbery and the crash.

Although Anderson loaned the Tahoe used for both escapes to Wilkerson, charging her with murder in the death of Lewis-Flemming could be a stretch, said District Attorney Greg Edwards.

“It is all under investigation. Although she might be a party to the conspiracy to the robbery,” Edwards said. “It seems unlikely that we will charge her (with murder) unless she took part in the physical acts of eluding and escaping.”


Sally_O 3 years, 6 months ago

That women should be arrested for loaning her vehicles to those thugs. The officers blood is also on her hands.


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