Baseless accusations tarnish reputations

Here we go again. Women accusing a successful man of “sexual harassment!” Isn’t there any other excuse to ruin a good man’s reputation? Gee, the mayor yelled at me and some people were so angry, yelled at me for expressing my view, I thought I’d be banned from society.

I remember when the same shameless accusation was thrown at a wonderful Christian man here in Americus. He gave all his wealth away to form Habitat for Humanity. Because of false reports from a woman, he lost his life’s work to a bunch of people who never gave him any help toward his cause. Now they are swimming in someone else’s glory.

What is the matter with these women? Revenge for not getting a male’s attention? God said, “Revenge is mine.” I guarantee those women will get it. I don’t believe a word they or the TV news media say in the attack against Mr. Cain. I remember what they did to the Ramseys. They caused Mrs. Ramsey’s death with all the untruthful lies and harassment.

We are getting into a Holy Season, peace and goodwill to man. It was not written to the greedy merchants; it was a message to the world. Hope in 2012 the world won’t end as it has been predicted. Instead of gloating over Mr. Cain’s trashing, I turn to another program. I am tired of unknown women’s allegations. I wonder how much they are getting paid to do it. Judas got 30 pieces of silver to “rat” on Christ.