Peaceful protests can lead to changes

The "Occupy Wall Street" and similar groups should be very careful. As long as they keep in name only, they have the politicians and law enforcement at a "negative" position. They should occupy only the ground under their feet while they should keep marching, only stopping when traffic signals say so.

You must understand that most politicians are attorneys, professional or amateur. Prosecutors and defense attorneys will spend eight to 12 hours a day, six-seven days a week for as long as the courts will permit trying to define the "legal terminology" of the word "it" (they could use Black's Law Dictionary).

The pubic disorder should use "occupy" as a fluid idea, then politicians will have a difficult time. A non-violent idea makes greater changes than violent. Look at Mahatma Gandhi. One man defeated the British Empire at the peak of its power. Sun Tzu's Art of War said victory gained through peace is preferred over war. His 3,000-year-old book is used in our military. Remember, Dr. King moved this nation through peaceful menas.