Weaver reappointed as Municipal Court Judge

The judge is to finish marriage counseling Thursday, he says.

— ALBANY -- As first reported on the Albany Herald's twitter page, former Municipal Court Judge Willie Weaver reclaimed his job Tuesday following a split vote by the Albany City Commission.

Weaver, who was placed on a leave of absence after being charged with aggravated assault after an incident in May involving his wife, had his warrants dismissed by Crisp County District Attorney Denise Fachini pending his completion of a stress management and counseling course.

Fachini was assigned to the case by the Attorney General after Dougherty District Attorney Greg Edwards recused himself.


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In a 4-2 vote, with Ward IV Commissioner Roger Marietta and Ward V Commissioner Bob Langstaff dissenting, the commission voted to immediately reinstate Weaver as Chief Municipal Court judge, after meeting in executive session and then questioning Weaver in an open session Tuesday.

Weaver told the commissioners that he feels he's ready to be back on the bench following more than four months of counseling, but refuted claims made by his wife on a police report filed at the time that said he hit her in the head with a bottle.

"I did not strike her with a bottle," he said, in response to a question from Langstaff. "There were things going on in our marriage that led my wife to make those statements...I've learned a lot from this and, while I didn't do anything to my wife, I know that can't allow myself to get into a situation where allegations could be made."

Marietta asked Weaver about whether he was waving a gun in the air, as referenced in a police report. Weaver denied it, saying that claim was made by his mother-in-law who wasn't around when the incident occurred.

Ward III Commissioner Christopher Pike said he understood the challenges and stress that a marriage can bring and that he can understand the added stress of being a public official but reminded Weaver that his position is a public one that is scrutinized by the people.

"I want you to know that after looking at your situation and talking to you here, I feel comfortable with you going back on the bench so long as you finish your counseling and understand that we, as public officials, are held to a higher standard," Pike said.

When it came time to vote on the matter, Langstaff said that he would be voting against putting Weaver back on the bench because he has specific questions about the incident that Weaver was unwilling to discuss in open session and, based on the advice of City Attorney Nathan Davis, the commission couldn't interview Weaver in closed session.

Marietta said he would vote against it because Weaver's counseling technically isn't done and so he hasn't fully satisfied the condition of Fachini's dismissal.

After the meeting, Weaver declined any additional comment other than to say that he was glad to have an opportunity to get back onto the bench.

As a city appointee, Weaver's term will expire in January. At which time the board will consider reappointment for another year term.


waltspecht 4 years ago

In order to sit in Judgement of others, the Judge must be above reproach. I for one feel this individual should have lost the publics trust for the initial charges, the way it was handled and the resolution. Whether actually convicted or not, in my eyes he was guilty of a lack of judgement, something no Judge should be guilty of.


iko 4 years ago

So he's getting off with a slap on the wrist and we are to believe all of the people in the hospital were lying about what the wife told them. In its earlier reporting, the Herald also reported there were "other incidents" in the past. I guess judges just get a free ride when they break laws and there's no one to hold them accountable.


Shinedownfan 4 years ago

What did we expect? This is Albany after all...


ObjectiveEyes 4 years ago

Albany / DOCO have been pushed off the "slippery slope" and are headed down-hill at the speed of light! Teachers get caught stealing, football players get special treatment after a rape, $900k thrown away on failed developments, judges get a 3 month vacation for assaulting there spouse (if he didn't assault her, charges should be brought against her for filing a false police report...that'll never happen), city attorney keeps a pistol in his desk drawer, teachers and administrators get caught changing CRCT answers...well, you get the picture. Albany/DOCO is a cesspool.


Albanite 4 years ago

Which moron commissioner is responsible for this disastrous, boneheaded and racist decision?


KaosinAlbany 4 years ago

Howard, Pike, Adams & Postell are the ones responsible.


truthsayer 4 years ago

Ebony Georgia, right off highway 82. We are in between Sylvester and Dawson. Come ye come all, free money to lend, and no law is sacred. Aggrivated assaults, fraud, rape and the charges go on and on, so come visit, you'll never forget us.


bubbavet 4 years ago



uga 4 years ago

thIs town is going to hell. How can he sit on any judicial bench and judge anybody. how can he think he deserves any type of respect. he should resign


washedupcoach 4 years ago

Willie likes to protray himself as a tough judge. He is not tough at all when it comes to his own deportment. Arrange a "tutoring" session for publicly beating his wife, while he sends others to jail sentences. However, the idiots that "reappointed" him should think about this the next time Willie shows his pugnacious side.


Abytaxpayer 4 years ago

ObjectiveEyes I agree with you!!!! But I have to say I think the city attorney was just being a realist. So if you don’t mind I would like to edit the end of your post to read as follows…..“Albany/DOCO is a cesspool even the City Attorney feels the need to keep a pistol in his desk in a building secured by Police.”


Darn_Yankee 4 years ago

The bad part is that no one is really surprised about this political bull crap. The four who voted him back in to include the ineffective mayor that we have had for some time should be ashamed of themselves. At least Marietta and Langstaff have some sense. Yet, with leaders like Adams, Edwards, #34, etc. what can one expect from the 4th poorest nation in the entire U.S.? Weaver gets a free pass on being a criminal and Vester lies to the police but that is ok for a city such as the likes of Albany...or should I say "AGONY" Georgia. Do not think it stops with just the municipal court either: remember Judge Sands and the Phoebe/Palmyra case. Phoebe is immune to antitrust legislation...what a load of crap. God help us...worst place I have ever lived in and if I could find a different job and move I would. AGONY: The Good Life City...What a joke!!!


JamesCalhounJr 3 years, 9 months ago

Well here it is the the integrity of the City of Albany's executive branch,( Major, City Council, City Attorney, District Attorney), and others involved in putting Judge Weaver back on the bench, is know longer suspect. It has proven its self to be non-existent. If it had been a citizen or member of the uniformed police they would have been charged, tried, held accountable for their offense, to include being jailed or fired. This recognizes that not all were involved in the decision to put him back on the bench. So, if the shoe does not fit please do not wear it. If those responsible can not execute the obligations of their office, (even when it comes to a college), then they do not need to be in that office.

Is Judge Weaver's wife going to be charged with making a faults police report? In case you, (those in involved in the decision), do not Know it moral courage trickles down to every level in the community. It is evident in Albany just look at the lack of integrity and respect for the law every level. It even infects the common citizen. Again this is an if the shoe does not fit please do not wear it.

Well I guess that is about it the integrity for some in Albany has forever been stained. Oh well what is next?

James Calhoun, Jr


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