Government still has a lot to learn

A wise man said that when he thought he knew everything, that’s when he really started learning. Our government could learn a lot from this man since they have made so many mistakes. Now, they (the government) need to put their heads together and fix all these problems.

A friend of mine used to own a GMC pickup truck. Everyone knows that the initials stand for General Motors Corp. He would jokingly say that they stood for Georgia Milk Cow. Now that GMC got the bailout, we know that GMC stands for Government Motors Corp.

A person would think that the Department of Housing and Urban development would be enough government for homebuyers. But our oversized government has to include Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in what amounts to another bailout. Mr. Isakson and Ms. Boxer seem to think the government is taking all the risk when in actuality, it’s the taxpayers!