Truth coming out on solar energy flop

It is now apparent that the Obama administration asked Solyndra to not disclose the fact that they were going to close until after the 2010 midterm elections.

In emails delivered to the Commerce Committee Oversight and Subcommittee investigating the fiasco, quoting Argonaut Equity, the Energy Department wanted the delays. This happened after George Kaiser, a major Obama supporter and fundraiser who was involved in getting the funding for Solyndra, met with Obama in the White House (Obama denied this, but it is now confirmed that this meeting took place).

The Obama administration is throwing what money the U.S.A. has left into pet projects for his influential friends. That the American people will pick up the price is of no concern to him. After repeated attempts by many against this investment, he went ahead anyway.

The Energy Department stated that the award to Solyndra was awarded on merit, not politics. If you believe this, I have oceanfront property in Albany to sell you.

The worst president in American history is at it again.




whattheheck 4 years ago

Good show, James. Always enjoy your work. Thanks.


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