Cook County Sheriff's deputy arrested for serving alcohol to minors in Albany motel

— ALBANY -- A Cook County sheriff's deputy was arrested Wednesday for felony violation of an officer's oath and serving alcohol to minors, said Dougherty Sheriff's Office Capt. Craig Dodd.

Harry Bruce Phelps, 50, a Moultrie resident, was released on $5,000 bail from Dougherty County Jail after his first court appearance, said a jail spokeswoman.

"Back in October, Phelps -- he's also a Shriner -- was working at the haunted house," Dodd said. "He invited two 19-year-old boys back to a party in a room at Merry Acres after they closed the place (the haunted house). Unbenownst to Merry Acres management, he served them alcohol."

About a week ago, the boys' parents made a complaint to the Dougherty County Sheriff's Office, Dodd said. When it comes to alcohol consumption 19-year-olds are considered minors, Dodd said. In Georgia, a person must be 21 to legally drink or buy alcoholic beverages.

Phelps has been placed on administrative leave, said Sgt. Brent Exum of the Cook County Sheriff's Office. Information on whether he is on paid leave was not immediately available, Exum added.

"We'll look into any allegations and do an internal affairs investigation," Exum said. "The report will be turned over to the sheriff and the deputy sheriff and they'll decide if any disciplinary action is taken."