Secretary of State reviewing Nov. 8 General Election

A runoff for the mayor's race and the Ward VI race is set for Dec. 6.

— Officials with the Georgia Secretary of State's office say that they have an open review of how the Dougherty County Elections Office carried out the Nov. 8 General Election, following controversy in the Ward II race.

Michael O'Sullivan, said that the office was reviewing how the election was held to ensure that elections officials complied with state law.

Melissa Strother is expected to mount a legal challenge to the results of the Ward II race in which she was a candidate. Ivey Hines has been ruled the winner of the race but has yet to be sworn in.

Strother has said she plans to challenge the race based on several irregularities with the way the election was held, many of which stem from the qualification and subsequent disqualification of candidate Cheryl Calhoun. Calhoun, who lives in Ward I but had been issued Ward II voting registration cards, was allowed to qualify based on what elections officials say was an error with the maps used by the office to determine residency.

O'Sullivan wouldn't say who initiated the investigation, but that the Secretary of State has the authority to investigate any election held in the state to "ensure that the election code was followed."

Unlike federal, state and county races, the secretary of state's office doesn't have authority to certify municipal election results. They do, however, monitor elections of all types to ensure compliance with the law, O'Sullivan said.


KaosinAlbany 4 years ago

ROFL! Glad the SOS was notified. I wonder if Nickerson really did call the SOS before she threw out Cheryl's votes. HA!


whattheheck 4 years ago

Very appropriate I must say. Outside eyes, who will surely consider the law rather than the egos of a few, is what is needed in this case. Certainly the basic issues can be considered by this group and perhaps eliminate the need to throw yet one more case to the lawyers.


Justice4Moma 4 years ago

It s about time some of the Big Guns have been called in to help Albany.To much has been swept under the rugs here.It is time for True Justice in this town. Not all people are bad,but that does not mean they will come foward.Jobs are hard to find right now,so alot of people who know alot more than is being said are not speaking up. Untill this happens the same ole stuff will go on and on. What really get me is that we have Judges who took Oaths,and yet they have to call in outside Judges.That should tell you something there.Also so many lawyers here do not wish to go against the City or County,or School system here.And to me that is wrong also.But i can not tell them how to do there jobs.I just hope they sleep good at nite,while the rest of us are out here trying to fight for TRUTH and JUSTICE.


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