APD Chief gives tips to help avoid holiday stealing

ALBANY, Ga. — The holiday season is a prime crime time Albany Police Department Chief John Proctor said at Saturday’s East Albany Town Hall.

“I have some holiday preparations and tips to keep the community safe at this time of year,” Proctor said before the meeting in the East Albany Community Center on East Oglethorpe Boulevard.

“The crimes at this time of year are crimes of opportunity,” Proctor said. “Person to person robberies increase. “And people are more prone to leave themselves open for burglaries and enter auto crimes.”

Just like the song “The 12 Days of Christmas” Proctor offered “Tweleve Holiday Safety Tips.”

  1. Park in a well-lighted area.

  2. Be mindful of your surroundings.

  3. Shop with a friend or relative.

  4. Keep your cash, credit and debit cards in a front pants pocket.

  5. Place gifts and packages in the trunk of your car.

  6. When returning to your car, carry the keys in your hand.

  7. Keep your vehicle locked.

  8. Have someone watch your home.

  9. Do not openly display Christmas trees and gifts in a window.

  10. Leave the lights and television on when you are away from home. Use a timer to turn them on.

  11. Keep doors and windows locked.

  12. Do not put boxes from gifts out by the trash.

Proctor elaborated that a stranger approaching to ask for a cigarette, a light or to use a cell phone may actually be a thief setting up a victim. Avoid those people, he added.

Leaving empty boxes from gifts such as flat-screen televisions out in the trash actually lets thieves know what you have that they can steal.

Although not on the list of 12 tips Proctor strongly advised having a loud alarm system installed. It could be thought of as insurance, he said.

“If you make it easy for folks,” Proctor said, “they’ll take advantage.”


ameek86 4 years ago

Maybe you should do a better job of preventing this sort of thing.


supersquawker 4 years ago

Mssrs. Smith and Wesson give me a slight edge at this time of year as well.


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