Horse show’s outgrown Dougherty facilities

The Dougherty County Saddle Club serves as a host of the Autumn Classic. However the show has a separate committee formed to run the show and therefore the outcomes is not fully the reflection and actions of the Dougherty County Saddle Club.

The fact of the matter is the Dougherty County area does not have facilities to meet the needs of this show. In 2010, over 85 stalls were utilized for the show, to which around 80 panels were set up and hauled into Potters (as they have only 60 permanent stalls). So, I ask your name and number so you can assist in this endeavor in the future when the need arises. And not to mention the safety hazards and risk for the horses, horse owners and all involved utilizing a stall composed of livestock panels. In 2011, we were able to utilize 108 stalls in the barns of Perry which can accommodate up to 485 horses and that is just one out of many barns.

Therefore, instead of squawking, try writing our county governments or Phoebe to provide such a facility for our horse community. Or even better, get involved with the Dougherty County Saddle Club, invest in the club, and then maybe we can purchase more land and build our own facility to accommodate this show and our horse community.

And this response to the squawk is solely and personally from me and not a reflection of any other DCSC member.