Lives filled with many blessings

Mac Gordon

Mac Gordon

It is that time of the year when we say “thanks” for our many blessings. Following are a few of mine.

The good memories I have of my mother, who died this year well into her 90s. She was a woman who loved God, family, church and the DAR.

Dozens of staff members at the nursing home where my mother lived out her last 10 years. Most of the people who work in nursing homes have a place already reserved for them in Heaven. Right, most of them.

My sweet mother-in-law, Frances Chandler, and those caring for her.

The thousands of food pantries operating in this country that on a daily basis provide nourishment to millions of hungry people in these tough economic times. Please don’t forget that Georgia is one of the leading states in the nation where the poor and hungry have the least access to food. What does that say about the rest of us?

Teachers. Goodness, what a tough job they have each time they enter their school building, where they are often both mentor and parent.

Whoever invented crop irrigation systems. In Southwest Georgia. We would not have had a harvest of anything this year without them.

Locally-owned businesses, particularly in small towns where they, the chamber of commerce and the newspaper are the lifeblood that keep everybody else going.

Our new pastor at Blakely First Methodist, Dwight Bishop, and the old guy who preceded him, Rick Turner, two good men. And Jay Reppert over at Westgate in Blakely and Martin Loyley up at Fort Gaines, two more good ‘uns.

The Koch brothers, who own Georgia-Pacific, which provides a great payroll for this area. We also appreciate their industrial neighbors.

Abundant wildlife in this part of the world, bringing bliss to so many, especially people from Florida, apparently.

College football, where the most maligned man in all of Georgia, Mark Richt, has suddenly found new success, bringing joy to most Bulldogs. Right, most of them.

Independent book stores, who have mostly been swallowed up by the big-box retail giants. If you have the chance, please buy a book from one of them this Christmas shopping season.

The Republican president eightsome, bringing so much optimism about the 2012 election to so many Democrats, particularly President Obama.

Newspapers — those printed on a paper product called newsprint — of all sizes and flavors, each fighting hard to survive the Digital Age.

Good neighbors, keeping eyes out for everybody along the country road and adjacent ones where we live in southern Clay and northern Early counties.

U.S. military veterans, dozens of whose pictures lined the walls at Blakely First during the recent Veterans’ Day program. Without them, where would we be?

My editor, Jim Hendricks, and his staff at The Albany Herald, who have been very gracious to this old reporter.

Regular readers of this column, many of whom have said nice things to me. I hope I have not bored you.

My wife, Mary Lee, who puts up with a lot from me and is so good to my daughter and her husband and those four, shall we say, active grandboys.

I hope you and yours have a very good Thanksgiving.

Mac Gordon is a retired reporter who lives near Blakely and writes an occasional opinion column for The Albany Herald.