Self-centered people cause nation’s problems

Our 20th-century Americans seem to be in accord with no telling the truth, sweep it under the rug and no one will find out. “Just let me live as I please” is the motto.

These big-time politicians, already millionaires, running for high-paying jobs, having been married over and over, just don’t get it. They seem to think that they are so important that not anything they have done will hunt them down. When they have to come into contact with good, solid, down-to-earth people, how and what will they say?

The man from Penn State University thought he’d never get caught and now his lawyer wants him to say that he has done nothing wrong. This world and your so-called “Christlike people” in their view want people to think they are on the right track. Let me say these greedy experts who think they are on the right track need to stop and think what they are doing. They are the cause of this country being in the shape that it is today.