Radical changes seen for military defense

— Well, the Super Committee has not established a budget. Our military issue has not been decided. Will our future military shrink until it cannot meet its political obligation? Will we be forced to withdraw from Korea and Australia? Will we modify our military structure?

Personnel will contain two elements: Enlisted and officers. Then, those will be divided into domestic and foreign personnel. Because the citizen population has shown what authorities call “a negative attitude” from the Vietnam War era to the present, they will recruit from two sources: America itself (defensive) and “green card” (offensive). As a member of our military, foreign service personnel will be guaranteed citizenship upon their deaths. You will see a cargo plane heading to their native land with a body in a coffin and an American flag draped on it with a black bag containing a copy of citizenship and death benefits ($10,000 for enlisted and $20,000 for officer).

I see a military that consists of two elements: Army and Navy. The Army will consist of the Air Force, Army and Marines. The Navy will consist of the Navy and Coast Guard. The Air Force will be broken up into small groups to match the Army’s, Marine’s and Navy’s needs. Pilots will be trained to land on fixed and mobile targets (aircraft carriers). The Marines will be trained by the Army. Their insignia patch will tell what organization they belong to. The Army and Marines will supply the Navy with support troops (interchangeable).

The Army will be divided into two groups: Domestic and foreign. The First Army will protect the Atlantic Coast, while the Second Army will defend our West Coast. The Third and Fourth Armies will execute our foreign policy. The First and Second Armies will consist of domestic Americans, and the Third and Fourth Armies will consist of foreign nations. They will enforce foreign policy. The Navy will consist of the First (Atlantic) and Second (Pacific) Fleets; while, our Third and Fourth Fleets (foreign) will guarantee the opening of all sea lanes. The foreign service personnel will cost less overall than American.


waltspecht 4 years ago

I wish you wouldn't write letters to the Editor before you sober up completely. If you were sober when you wrote this, I'm worried.


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