Seat belt requirement an intrusion on liberty

Let me say to begin with that I installed seat belts in my mother’s brand new 1962 Studebaker Lark before they were an option. I didn’t like it when they went from an option to a requirement, and liked it even less when they became required wear.

I have always worn them without the government threatening me. I don’t like laws that deal with normal behavior, when folks are big enough to make those decisions for themselves.

Now the new rule about pickup trucks. A friend got stopped the other day and was handed a ticket. Well, this particular friend is a farmer. We looked up the law and it states in an interpretation that on farm business there is to be the widest latitude granted with regard to wearing a seat belt. The officer never asked if he was on farm business.

Well, from my opinion, this is harassment. It would be up to the officer to prove he wasn’t on farm business. He had a sack of wheat in the truck at the time. So if you are one of those rebels that resents government interference in your everyday life, carry a copy of the code in your truck and show it to any uneducated officer that tries to write you a ticket for a seat belt violation. I’m not saying my friend is as safe as the next guy, but it should certainly be his choice to wear a seat belt or not. It was granted to him by that very law.

Police do not have to wear seat belts by law. More second-chance (bulletproof vest) saves have involved car crashes than bullets because of this practice. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?