Assistant DA takes new job

ALBANY, Ga. — One judicial circuit’s loss is another’s gain, two district attorneys agree.

Chief Assistant District Attorney Heather Lanier plans to leave her job at the District Attorney’s Office in the Dougherty Judicial Circuit to begin working at the South Georgia Judicial District.

“I know this was a tough decision for her. She loves her work in Albany,” said Joe Mulholland, South Georgia district attorney. “But it is really good for us. She has the experience with gangs that my office lacks. We can really use that.”

Lanier, busy prosecuting a gang case in Albany Tuesday, referred all questions about her career move to Mulholland and Dougherty County District Attorney Greg Edwards.

Edwards said Lanier would be missed as she has been a valuable part of his prosecution team. He said a search for Lanier’s replacement will be conducted in staff and outside his office. He expects Lanier to leave at the start of 2012, he added.

“People make career changes for the betterment of their long-term careers,” Edwards said. “Heather is a valued member of our team and we will miss her. We will find someone and press forward with prosecutions.”

Mulholland said that he was fortunate to have a position open up at a time when Lanier could fill it. He believed that because she grew up and lives in Baker County that the move will be good for her and his office.

The plans call for Lanier to concentrate on prosecutions in Baker and Calhoun counties, Mulholland said. Mulholland’s circuit includes those counties and Decatur Grady and Mitchell counties.

“We have the same crimes, murder, rape, robbery as they do in Dougherty County,” Mulholland said, “just not as many. I can’t wait to set her loose.”


TheMember 4 years ago

Closer to her home? In Baker County? Wonder what is going on here.


KaosinAlbany 4 years ago

First Cohilas and now Lanier. Things that make you hmmmm....


43cop 4 years ago

Heather was as good as they come. I had the priviledge of working with her and she put 100% in all that she did. Where ever she is going will benefit from her experience. Her dedication and her experience will certaily be a great benefit to someone.


whattheheck 4 years ago

If nothing else, moving from Albany will lower her chances of getting mugged or robbed. Who wouldn't want to move?


Cartman 4 years ago

I've worked with Heather and can tell you she does a good job. I wish her well in her new job and with the remainder of her career. Joe Mulholland runs a good DA's office and she can benefit by the experience of working in a widespread rural circuit.


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