DCSS BOE delays its decision in complaint

ALBANY -- Gwendolyn Baker-Alford will have to wait at least 20 more days to learn the outcome of her complaint against Monroe High School Principal Valerie Thomas.

At a hearing before the Dougherty County School Board Wednesday at Live Oak Elementary, Baker-Alford's attorney Maurice King claimed that Thomas had exceeded her authority by changing Baker-Alford's position.

Baker-Alford filed the complaint in June after being moved by Thomas back into an English classroom after spending two years as an instructional leader at Monroe.

"The principal is not authorized to change the action of the School Board, which is actually her employer," King said. "We want her given back the position to which she was approved. The process has not been followed.

"We are simply asking that the Board to do the right thing and follow the law."

School Board attorney Tommy Coleman contended that Baker-Alford's contract listed her as a Teacher/Instructional Leader. As principal, Thomas does have the authority to move Baker-Alford within the high school, Coleman said.

"She (Baker-Alford) is a teacher, not an administrator," Coleman said. "The principal had a need for a teacher and filled that need. The Board does not have to approve that action."

An abbreviated School Board, missing David Maschke, Velvet Riggins and Chairman James Bush, then went into executive session, emerging 35 minutes later to announce a final decision had been delayed.

The Board now has 20 days to resolve the matter.


waltspecht 3 years, 8 months ago

20 days to see who has then most owed favors, ot the most dirt on the Board Members?


Momof3 3 years, 8 months ago

How come when there is a Board meeting not all of the members are ever present? The CHARIMAN was missing? I mean really?? What's the point in even discussing it then if not everyonewas there to hear it.... sighh


coachjohnson42 3 years, 8 months ago

(yawn)........go teach your class......case closed.


supersquawker 3 years, 8 months ago

coach would just take a Ben Frank and fuhgettabout it.


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