Reading rituals vary among subscribers

Martha and Leslie Kinney read the Herald as part of their daily routine.

Martha and Leslie Kinney read the Herald as part of their daily routine.

ALBANY -- Reading The Albany Herald is a daily ritual for many Southwest Georgians. While some subscribers have been taking the paper for the majority of their lives, others are newlyweds settling into new rituals.

With many young people receiving their news online through websites, Facebook and Twitter accounts, the young subscriber might seem like a person of the past. This is not the case for many young Albanians.

Orlando natives and new subscribers Johnny and Hillary Sturkie started reading The Herald as soon as they moved to Albany in April with their 18-month-old son, Tread.

"The Albany Herald has helped us get acquainted with Albany by highlighting people, events, restaurants and shops," Mrs. Sturkie said.

The Sturkies subscribed to The Orlando Sentinel before moving to Albany for Johnny Sturkie's job as a general contractor with Robins & Morton.

"Orlando was such a large city and it was hard to feel connected to people and events," Hillary Sturkie said. "We really enjoy the small town feel of The Herald, where we recognize people and events around town."

The Sturkies enjoy the "On the Job" weekly features and the inserts on Wednesdays and Sundays.

"We know we can read the news online, but we really enjoy the physical paper lying around the house - ready to pick up and read whenever we have a moment," she said. "Whoever is down the driveway first brings the paper back to the house, where we read sections between work and while Tread is sleeping."

While the Sturkies' busy schedule keeps them on the go, another southwest Georgia couple slows down to read the paper cover to cover as they enjoy their golden years.

Leslie Kinney and his wife, Martha, have read The Albany Herald for the majority of their lives and the entirety of their 55-year marriage.

"I have read the comics since I was in second grade at Broad Street Elementary," Martha Kinney said. "Now my favorite sections are the Squawk Box and the editorial page."

The Kinneys moved to Americus recently, but continue to take The Herald daily.

"We still have family and friends in Albany, and it's important to us to keep up with the people, places and happenings," Leslie Kinney said. "I grew up helping my mother with the puzzle, but these days I enjoy the Squawk Box, the Sports Page and the advertisements."

The Herald has an important place in the Kinneys' morning ritual, right along with coffee and the alarm clock.

"Leslie brings the paper in every morning for me and sets it up on the counter with a hot cup of coffee," Martha Kinney said. "Well, every morning except Sunday. We read the paper when we get home from church on that day."

"We love the paper,"he said. "It's a part of our lives."