Official: Infant died of natural causes

ALBANY, Ga. — An infant who passed away on the 1300 block of Mercantile Drive Monday morning died of natural causes, an investigator with the Dougherty District Attorney Child Death Team has confirmed.

The child, a 9-month-old boy, had a history of medical problems from birth, Child Death Team Investigator Greg Blackmon said. The infant had been in and out of hospitals in Atlanta throughout his life.

Because the cause of death was determined to be natural, the Child Death Team will not be investigating the matter, Blackmon said.

Such incidents are generally looked into by the Child Death Team, which is a unit that responds to any report of a juvenile death to determine whether it was a natural death, an accident or the result of some criminal act.

The infant was found deceased at around 6 a.m. Monday morning, a report filed by the Albany Police Department states. Based on the information in the report, it appeared that no evidence had been obtained from the scene.