Westwood mows down Randolph So., moves to 7-0

J.T. Edore

J.T. Edore

CAMILLA — The number shocks, stuns and even numbs a little.

Yes, numbs is the right word.

But there it was, a big, fat 80.

It hung over this game and this season, and it may hang around a while at Westwood, where the Wildcats broke the school record Saturday night by scoring 80 points against an undermanned and out-sized Randolph Southern team (2-5, 0-3) that played better than the 80-0 final indicated.

Still, 80 points says a lot about where Westwood is right now and where the Wildcats want to be.

“It means we executed,’’ said Westwood quarterback Mason Worsham, who ran for a touchdown and threw for two more before sitting out the fourth quarter. “It means we’re still hungry.’’

Most teams would be full, stuffed to the gills and turning away dessert at this point in the season, but 80-0 on Saturday was more about how far Westwood has come in a season that is just beginning for the defending GISA Class A state champs.

When Worsham says the Wildcats are hungry, he means it. He means there’s a lot more season left, and a long road ahead. He knows. He led the Wildcats to a 13-0 record a year ago, and wants to repeat even more than he wanted to win it a year ago. After all, he’s a senior.

He threw only 10 passes all night, but completed seven of them for 153 yards and tossed TD passes to Jamey Davis (21 yards) and Brody Collins (37 yards). Collins also scored on a 20-yard interception return.

Daniel Hays scored on a 5-yard run to get things going, and the avalanche followed and didn’t end until backup running back Dylon Smith made the play of his life — an 82-yard TD run — and freshman Chason Worsham (Mason’s brother and Ross’ son) scored his second TD run of the night. Chason also had a interception.

He’s a freshman, but he knows why Westwood is so good.

“We just click,’’ he said.

Randolph Southern coach Ottis Griggs knows, too.

“That’s really a good football team,’’ he said. “They’re well coached and they play hard. They’ve got a lot of talent and hard-working kids who have been playing together for a while.

“Our kids played hard,’’ he said. “They played as hard as they could play. We’re just not at their level right now. It’s going to take a heck of, heck of a, heck of a, heck of a football team to beat them.’’

In case anyone is counting — and you can bet everyone in Camilla is — that’s 20 in a row for Westwood, which is now 7-0 this season.

But the streak won’t mean much of these kids don’t win it all. The 80 points didn’t mean much to tailback J.T. Edore on Saturday.

“We don‘t think much about it,’’ said Edore, who scored on runs of 4, 5, 15, and 44 yards, and finished the night with 94 yards on just seven carries, reaching the end zone on more than half of them. “We’re focused on winning. I didn’t even know what the score was at halftime until someone told me.’’

It was 47-0 at the break. But that‘s not news at Westwood, where the Wildcats have outscored the other guys, 411-70 this season. They’re 3-0 in the GISA Region 2-A race, and have scored 187 points in those three games.

Yep, they’re focused on winning.

That’s why coach Ross Worsham said he left his starters in the game after halftime.

“Our first bunch of kids hasn’t played a full game all year,’’ he said. “That’s why I left them in in the third quarter. I’ve been on the receiving end of games like this. It’s never any fun. But it’s nothing personal.

“Our games are going to get tougher from now on, starting next week against Windsor, and we needed to play our first bunch of kids. That’s why they played.’’

He shrugged at the mention of the school-record 80 points.

“I guess, that’s what they say (it’s a record),’’ he said. “It’s just like last year. We’re trying to get better every week. We know the toughest games are coming.’’

And so is Westwood …


dsirmons 4 years, 1 month ago

Never in my years of watching high school sporting events have I witnessed such an act of absolutely no class as I did in Camilla last night. Absolutely uncalled for.


229cam 4 years, 1 month ago

Who are they really playing cause I can get a pee wee team up to beat those lil guys on that team and stop talking about them cause they really not playing anyone but they own kind. Get it they own kind


Snowman 4 years, 1 month ago

to dsirmons. sorry that you believe there was no class. Randolph Southern showed a great amount of class and bravery in showing up. Do you realize that Westwood only took 10 snaps in the second half? Do you realize that Westwoods starters have not played a full game against a region opponent this season? You say westwood has no class when they scored the last two touchdowns of that game with the third string? Please. You can be mad at Westwood all you want. Ross Worsham did the best he could as a coach to keep it from looking like they were just beating up on the patriots but things happen. You cant say they have no class when they did everything but kneel the ball and punt to try to keep from running up the score. If you want to show some class how bout you get some people together and try to help Randolph Southern. Not just the football team but the school itself. I hear they have fallen on hard times in Shellman and could use a lot of help right now. God be with Randolph Southern.


gasunshine 4 years, 1 month ago

to 229cam: PLEASE... if your comment had been made about a public school in this area, Al Sharpton would be on the next plane to South Georgia. Comments like yours only prove that some people are not moving in the right direction. These boys work hard to be a team and deserve every ounce of credit they get. Thank heaven for 'they own kind!"


Tiz 4 years, 1 month ago

Well mr 229cam....dude you just go watch your team & be happy making the playoffs 1 & done...while WW wins it all again.....by the way J.t. Edore is the best football player in the area & would start at any of the 4 schools in Mitchell county...so investigate before you talk about any kind....coz u dont know sports anyway, cant believe i even responded to your Ignorance!!!


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