Cutting regulations is best job stimulus

Obama wants to “run the Republicans out of town”; our Country may be in big trouble if we let the socialists (formerly known as Democrats) keep on giving to those who do not produce. Look at Greece, Italy, Spain and most of the EU; your answer lies there.

The socialists were in charge of the Congress and Senate from 2006 until 2010, when sober heads woke up to the truth; and the Tea Party movement started. The socialists mandated that banks and lending institutions make loans to those who did not qualify, and when the loans could not be paid back catastrophe ensued. All under the socialist Democrats tenure.

I look back and remember the statements I made to my wife and friends, on multiple occasions in 2007; we make pretty good money and cannot afford what these people have purchased, new cars, home, boat and etc. Now in retrospect those neighbors have no home, no boat and a beat up car; and the lenders took it on the chin. Socialist, Democrat regulations at its finest.

The Republicans and Tea Party movement may have saved our country, but the socialists still want to create more waste in the form of a second stimulus; better known as the Obama jobs bill. We all know how well the first one worked.

If the socialist Democrats want to create jobs, eliminate most of the regulations you imposed on those creating jobs. Quit taxing us out of existence. NOTE: only 51 percent of Americans pay any income tax; the rest get a free ride.



waltspecht 4 years, 1 month ago

Make it where people have to work, but provide them a place to work. We fail to see that there are too many people, and not enough jobs. There has to be somewhere for these folks to be gainfully employed, or the Taxpayers will be carrying them for many future generations. Obama's jobs bill won't create the types of jobs we need, it will only create a target for theives, just like the last stimulus. Until there are jobs for the average High School Graduate, we will continue on in this pattern of dependance. Make laws creating these jobs, be they pumping gas (as in New Jersey) or working on Farms. This may cause the new wave to be the dumbing down of technology. For our advanced technology is what has displaced a vast section of our people into unemployment and dispair. The street sweeper needs to make a comeback, and I don't mean the powered one. Think of all the jobs that no longer exist because they have been replaced by a smart machine. Then realize our population continues to grow and the job market continues to shrionk.


tbmuch 4 years, 1 month ago

Mr. Balch, your labeling the President as a socialist is just more of what continue to be sprouted by those on the right, I will agree with you however that the jobs bill the President had put before Congress would not be sufficient in getting this country on a path that is sorely needed. There's quite a few things that is going on on the Hill that need to change in order for this country to move forward and not the least of these are, those that can help should roll up their sleeves or put their words into action as far as moving this country forward with jobs. The "green jobs" and retraining of those looking for gainful employment will be limited, what is needed, are jobs that an average old joe can perform such as, apparel manufacturing or furniture (although firstly, those in congress and banking need to make it so that those that desire and are able to make adjustments in their mortgage so that they are able to stay in their homes, should make it possible). The quagmire this county is in will require some serious and practicable solutions. The stuck in the mud approach of labeling or adhering to a political ideologue will not move this country forward one inch.


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