Our generation is one of enablers

Since reaching voting age, our generation enabled Lyndon Johnson to raid the Social Security trust. We enabled this act by doing nothing to stop it.

We have enabled entire generations to live comfortably, off our taxes, without working.

We have enabled colleges and universities to go from students competing to get in, to them competing for students and their parents money.

We have enabled medical care to grow astronomically in cost by not worrying because the insurance covered it, and Medicaid covered those without insurance.

We have enabled gangs to run our prison system

We enabled the few to combine with the lawyers of the ACLU to push God out of our public lives.

We have enabled people to make us feel embarrassed for not being politically correct.

We have enabled a whole hearted attack on our support systems by fraud and corruption being allowed to go unchallenged.

Time for us to start enabling a return to the core values that made America great. Help folks, but make sure they are contributing to society, not living off of it. Get rid of all long term, and special-interest politicians and public servants. Make all government employees, both employed and elected be accountable to the same laws, taxes, benefits and work ethic the rest of us are held accountable to.