Candidate’s faith an off-limits topic

I am really surprised at how a Baptist minister attacked Mr. Romney for being a Mormon. First Baptist people I know and their ministers are the kindest. This is totally out of their character to do a nationwide verbal attack on others’ faith.

I was born a Lutheran, but my oldest child is a members of the Latter-day Saints church. She is and they are Christians, and they live by the Bible’s teachings. They also tithe their 10 percent and take care of each other when someone is in trouble. No one goes hungry.

Have you ever had a young man dedicated to going from door to door trying to invite you to church? The Book of Mormon is not their religion, just like the Catechism for the Catholics and Lutherans. Those are church laws.

Have you ever seen a Mormon girl dressed revealing her navel and her backend showing? Or boys in gangs? They learn the Bible from one end to the other. All of them hold together and volunteer to help their fellow man.

When I went to Hungary last year, people were glad to rent rooms to their missionaries because they kept everything neat and clean. I have never seen a house of a Mormon that was not clean. Their sons never grow long, shaggy hair. They are humble and respect girls. As Americans, sometimes we judge too soon. Those people never say anything about your religion. Have you ever heard their Mormon Tabernacle Choir? Over 300 volunteers sing the most beautiful church music from Christian masters.

My opinion is as long as Mr. Romney doesn’t bother his opponents’ beliefs, they should show him the same courtesy. After all, he is patriotic and he is not running for church office, but for president. As far as religion, he can’t hurt it. Prior presidents and the Supreme Court made sure God has no place in America. Where was that minister then?




tbmuch 2 years, 10 months ago

Thanks Ms. Brady, I could not agree with you more! It truly is meanness on a person part to interject a person faith into anything unless the person is wearing their religion to "gain-a-march".


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