Criticizing officials is unAmerican

God calls us to pray for leaders and to know to not stand up and condemn those in office when new. Candidates trying on stage to be a president and to run down those already in office is cruel, unbalanced and not the American way of life.

If and when this nation turned to God, we’d stay the cruel, mean, ugly way of life — money, power and get out of my way.

When people get on stage condemning already, they, too, cannot make any good new leaders. They, too, are corrupt.

The only thing that will change is nation is for our God and until people know this we will have one big catastrophe after another as we have had in the past 10 years.

All the “Baptist preachers” are telling everyone today. The ones trying to get in office don’t know what they are headed for and feel they are perfect for that job. No, not one is perfect. All come short. So be it. It behooves one to not run down any person’s character. This is unAmerican.