Bogus $100 bills found in east Albany Walmart

ALBANY, Ga. — Bogus $100 bills layered on real $5 currency pass the cashier’s ink test Wednesday, but are discovered at the east Albany Walmart store.

Albany Police Department officers issued a warning to businesses Wednesday to be on the lookout for $100 counterfeit bills being passed.

“Two black males walked into the east Albany Walmart at about 4:15 p.m. and made two purchases for less than $20 with $100 bills,” said Phyllis Banks, police spokeswoman. “The bills passed the ink test at the cashier because they were glued to real $5 bills. If you hold them up to the light you can see it.”

The ink test, where a cashier makes an ink mark on the bills, didn’t alert the cashier to the fake bills, allowing the two thieves to walk out of the store with more than $160 in real bills as change, Banks added.

Banks said that the men were last seen leaving the store with two white business size envelopes that could be holding many bogus bills left to be passed. They may have gotten into a 1990 white Chevrolet Caprice to get away.

Both men were described as being in their late 20s or early 30s, about 6 feet six inches tall and weighing around 180 pounds. One man had a blue shirt with dark pants and dreadlocks. The other man had a white shirt and blue jeans.

Anyone with additional information should call Crime Stoppers at (229) 436-TIPS (8477) or investigations at (229) 431-3288. The Spanish speaking APD-COP Tip Line is (229) 434-2677.

Crime stoppers is an anonymous tipline. People with information could become eligible for cash rewards.