‘Think Pink’ newspaper helps cancer fight

Throughout the month of October, we all have witnessed tremendous displays of support in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As a local cancer organization, we are especially heartened to see these efforts.

On behalf of the Southwest Georgia Cancer Coalition, I would like to sincerely thank The Albany Herald and its advertisers for your efforts in providing the Sept. 29 “Think Pink” edition to promote breast cancer awareness. What an incredible show of community support for those individuals and families who have been touched by this frightening disease! The Cancer Coalition is grateful to be named the beneficiary of this innovative approach to cancer awareness, and is proud to inform you that 100 percent of the funds will be used to better prevent and control cancer for the residents of Southwest Georgia.

The Southwest Georgia Cancer Coalition addresses the concerns many people in our area have about cancer — their worry about being diagnosed with cancer, or about how they will have cancer taken care of if it is found. As a nonprofit organization that covers 31 counties, we work with local cancer centers and hospitals, interested individuals, community groups, universities, businesses, faith-based organizations and government agencies to bring more resources to our region. We are funded through local, state, federal and private sources and all our funding is used to serve Southwest Georgia.

“Fighting Cancer ... Right Here. Right Now.” Our motto is real. The Cancer Coalition’s mission focuses entirely on local communities and our services are provided solely to local residents. Our goal is to ensure more people here learn about cancer and receive the services they need so fewer of our family members and friends are affected by this disease. I invite your readers to visit our website at www.swgacancer.org or call (229) 312-1700 to learn more or to add their personal support to our cause.

Thank you again to The Herald and its advertisers for your important contribution to the fight against cancer!

Diane Fletcher, Albany

EDITOR’S NOTE: Diane Fletcher is CEO of the Southwest Georgia Cancer Coalition.