Two Albany streets to be reconstructed

ALBANY — One of the last pockets of residents in the city who do not have access to the city’s sewer system will get that opportunity — and new roads — after the commission voted Tuesday to partner with the state to reconstruct Hudson Lane and Lennox Road.

The city damaged the existing roads to to extend the city’s sewer lines to the neighborhood in a project that was completed this summer.

Now, the roads need to be rebuilt and the Georgia Department of Transportation along with the city are partnering to finish the project.

GDOT is prepared to spend roughly $130,000 on the reconstruction project from its Local Maintenance and Improvement Grant or LMIG program. The city’s part of the funding is about $20,000.

City Commissioner Tommie Postell, who is the commissioner in the ward where the project is located, said Tuesday that the sewer work will go a long way towards improving the public health of those in the area.

“Any time you have people on cesspools you have a health risk because of the seepage that can happen into the ground water so the more people we can get on the sewer system the better it is,” Postell said.

The city can’t force people to abandon septic tanks in favor of the sewer system, but they are strongly encouraging them to make the switch, Postell said.

Public Works Director Phil Roberson told commissioners that once approved, construction of the new roads could start within 45 days.