One arrested in $100 counterfeit bill passing spree

A clerk receives a counterfeit bill this week in Albany.

A clerk receives a counterfeit bill this week in Albany.

ALBANY, Ga. — Two men passed at least $700 in bogus $100 bills at businesses throughout Albany in two days, said an Albany Police Department official.

Mario Fuller, 23, turned himself in Thursday and was arrested as part of a duo that cashed counterfeit bills in at least seven businesses such as Walmart, Rite Aid and Publix Wednesday and Thursday, said Detective Schemika Foster.

Police continue to search for Robert Taylor, 23, and a 1990 white, Chevrolet Caprice in connection with the counterfeit bills. Foster said the two drove the Caprice to various stores to unload the fake cash.

“Thanks to the businesses and city residents we have made one arrest,” Foster said.

Foster said police didn’t know if Fuller and Taylor made the counterfeit money, or if they got it from someone else. They would buy items for less than $20 hand over a fake $100 bill, and then pocket the $80 or more in change from the purchase, she added.

Citing the relative freshness of the investigation, Foster would not comment on how much money, real or fake, Fuller had on him when he turned himself in at the Law Enforcement Center Thursday.