Women turn out at Phoebe Health Fair

ALBANY — Wearing pink set a tone as women attended the Women’s Health Conference 2011 Saturday at Phoebe Health Works.

Pink is the color adopted by the American Cancer Society to help illustrate the fight against cancer, the second biggest killer after heart disease in the U.S.A.

“The number one cancer killer of women is breast cancer,” said Chirad Jani, a physician and Breast cancer Board chairman at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital.

Jani spoke at the Health conference that offered women free cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure and body mass index screenings along with a multitude of information on cancer and other diseases.

The conference featured guest speaker Zonya Foco, a registered dietitian and author. She championed “Fight Cancer with a Fork.”

“Seventy percent of cancers are preventable with lifestyle changes,” Foco said. “One of the things you can do is make the produce aisle the snack aisle.”

Foco said the food women eat can help them fight cancer and prevent it in three ways. Food rich in vitamin C such as fruits and vegetables fight carcinogenic with their anti-oxidant properties.

Avoiding red meat more than twice a week and processed foods such as bacon, hot dogs and other processed foods can help avoid introducing carcinogens into the body. And eating more whole grains can help “scrub away carcinogens,” Foco added.

On her first visit to a Phoebe sponsored woman’s health fair Linda Coburn said it was a great idea.

“A lot of people really need something like this. They have no insurance and need this information,” Coburn said. “There are a lot of medical people here to help show the way.”