Cut welfare costs, not military support

Page Two has acid reflux and it’s coming from the government contemplating attacking the benefits of our military personnel. If 51 percent of the population is supporting 49 percent who have never worked or contributed to the county and is now starting to push out a fourth generation that will be raised on the streets to be given a free ride, the answer is easy as to where to cut expenses. Not with the military. You can bet they are not looking at cutting their pay or benefits. It’s easy to attack those who cannot fight back. I can’t give you all the benefits of the welfare brats nor the military, but I can give you a few.

Welfare benefits include not working, free food and medical care, no responsibilities, paycheck comes to doorstep, and luxury autos.

Military benefits include getting shot, carrying 80 pounds on back in hot/cold hostile conditions, sleeping on dirt/rocks/in holes/on highways, little hygiene time, meals few dogs would eat, working hours on end, low pay, and very little toilet paper.

Now, the government wants to chip away at some of what these people have worked for, mostly their lifetime medical support. These men and women are getting blown up, and shot to pieces and many are left with a lot of body parts missing, and our government wants to go after them. Why not go after the welfare scum and remove some of their body parts, namely the parts where they reproduce? More later from Page Two.