Get excited for the blue and gold

Photo by Carly Farrell

Photo by Carly Farrell

Blue has always been my color.

At some point someone told me that it brought out my baby blue eyes. I decided I should rock my assets, and so I wear blue.

I graduated from Tift County High School, whose colors were blue and white.

I went to Georgia State University, whose mascot is a big blue panther.

And despite the pride I have in my degree from Valdosta State — which is anything but blue — I have now found myself living and working in a town whose four-year university is blue and gold.

This week, alumni from around the country will come back to Albany in an annual pilgrimage that rekindles old friendships and refills the local coffers through millions in sales taxes generated by generous alumni.

Here at The Herald, we’ve gone all blue and gold.

Our windows along Washington Street are emblazoned with the Albany State University emblem.

We’ve changed our profile image on our Facebook page to welcome the alumni and support our Golden Rams.

And for the first time ever, we’ve changed the color scheme on our website to reflect our university colors.

We have our spirit. Where is yours?

Albany State University is an economic engine for this community and during homecoming week, it’s never more evident.

Our hotels are nearly full. Our restaurants will be blossoming with hungry alumni. Our shops will inch ever-closer into the black as ASU supporters spend their green locally.

In return for all they offer, we, here in Albany, should get behind all they offer.

Grab a yard sign from the CVB downtown. Put “Go Rams” in your marquee to show the love. Or throw up some words of support for our Golden Rams on Facebook or Twitter.

It’s fair, it’s positive and it celebrates the one thing that has been proven to pull communities out of the doldrums of a recession: education.

And when Darton and Albany Tech’s times roll around, give me a shout and I’ll wear your colors that week as well.

But for now ... Go Rams!

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