Christianity only faith under constant attack

I only saw the last few minutes of the Denver and Miami football game Sunday afternoon, and it is my opinion that CBS’ action to cut away from Tim Tebow kneeling in prayer after his team’s overtime victory was reprehensible! This country needs a whole lot of people getting on their knees seeking forgiveness! That is not being judgmental, either, because all of us know that oranges grow on orange trees!

I am reminded of an account I recently read about a revival in Wales, England, in the early 20th century, where a revival began that resulted in over 100,000 people coming to Jesus Christ in a five-month period. The change in people’s lives and actions was so notable that many of the law enforcement officers had nothing to do, so they organized into quartets and began singing at revival services! The coal miners cleaned up their language to the point that the horses pulling the coal carts could not understand the new commands! And babies being born out of wedlock was reduced by 44 percent. What a change He makes when He comes into lives of people!

The criminal activity in Albany and in all other places is the direct result of fathers not living up to their responsibility as fathers! We do not need the ACLU filing suit every time someone prays or mentions the name of Jesus. We do not need the ACLU demanding that anything pointing to Jesus or God the Father is prohibited by the Constitution of the United States. I find it difficult to comprehend how someone could be offended if I tell them that Jesus loves them. This would be a better place if more people would love God more than anything, and their neighbors as themselves!

Did you ever wonder why Christianity is the only religion being attacked constantly?