President’s opponents won’t give him his due

The year 2008 our nation voted the Obamas into the White House. I’ve found the man as president of the United States to be a clean president. So many people who dislike him are dead wrong. He has done as much as anyone could so with what was put on his plate, especially from the previous president.

I find it very hard to see the white people against the man and if he had been red, white or blue, he won the race, so why down him? He can’t help the millions of people unemployed. After all those on food stamps, etc., don’t put all the blame on him.

Now that he’s done lots overseas, no one wants to say, “Well done, Obama,” and the newspaper puts his article on the back page, not the front page. I think he should be recognized in his work done overseas. God bless him.

Our people are jealous of Obama and therefore want him out. I’d like to see a white man compete with Obama in office. No, not one yet has gotten there. I say give the man his dues, right as well as wrong.