Harvest Moon marks 10th anniversary

ALBANY, Ga. — Ten years ago, Bo Henry was a young man with a stellar work ethic, a lot of enthusiasm and a dream that many said was beyond his reach. He celebrated his birthday that year with the opening of the unique Harvest Moon restaurant.

A decade later, Henry’s enthusiasm has not waned, but it has been sprinkled with a liberal dose of reality. He’s a family man now with his first child on the way, but he still has that uncompromising work ethic and he has long enjoyed the fruits of that dream that he refused to let die.

Area patrons can help Henry celebrate his dream this weekend as Harvest Moon celebrates its 10th anniversary with two days of music, food and drink specials, and all sorts of prizes and giveaways.

“I’m just thankful to the people of Albany and the surrounding area for giving us the opportunity to celebrate our 10th anniversary,” Henry said. “It’s especially unbelievable in the hard economic times that we’ve had recently.

“We’re so excited that we’ve been able to be a part of our community for 10 years now. I can’t think of a cooler way to celebrate my birthday.”

Henry’s eponymous band, as well as local favorites Evan Barber & the Dead Gamblers, are among the musical acts scheduled to play Friday and Saturday as part of Harvest Moon’s celebration. Local semi-pro wrestling legend Dab Savage plans to set up a wrestling ring at the Moon’s back parking lot and will entertain youngsters starting at noon on Saturday.

Henry said there would be food and drink specials as well as various giveaways throughout the weekend.

“Sometimes you just have to hang in there,” the restaurateur said. “With the support of the people in this area, we’ve been able to do that. (Partner) Stewart (Campbell) and I are excited about the opportunity to thank our customers for their support.”

Harvest Moon is located at 2347 Dawson Road.


AlbanyGaKid 4 years ago

Since when do you wrestle for a total of three years and obtain "legend" status? Besides his Fox 31 interview was one sided...all him. There are two other pro wrestlers who are very active that were born and raised right here in Albany.


SplendidLife 4 years ago

Do they also devote their time and volunteer with underprivileged kids, etc? Do they promote themselves with the same panache? Obviously not. It really makes me sad when people are so miserable that they can't be happy for someone else living a good life and having a good time doing it. Dab Savage IS a legend, and I am a fan. See ya later, Kid.


Yowsa51 4 years ago

What really should be wrestled with is how many DUI's were initiated at this business.


TrixibelleBento 4 years ago

I've given plenty of my money to HM. It's a great establishment that knows how to make a mean Heated Hen! Much continued success to Bo and his dad on this venture, Henry Campbell's, The Catch, and Merry Acres.


ObjectiveEyes 4 years ago

The 3 top restaurants in Albany...The Catch, Harvest Moon and Henry Campbells! Bo for Mayor!


Justice4Moma 4 years ago

Strong The people down town would never let Bo be Mayor,and you know there crooked ways down town.But he would make a great one.He is not all out for hiself,but for Albany.And anyone who does not think he and his Partner and there workers have brought both money,and jobs,not to mention great food and good time.Well you just have not took the time to get to know them nor try to.That is what gets me about Albany,You have people who do good for Albany,and they get put down.But you have the crooks downtown and i am talking mayor,city commission,county,and lets not forget cowboy Nathan,that like to muck things up,or make em look bad. Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY,ANNIVERSARY,AND THANK YOU FOR GIVING US GOOD TIME TO REMEMBER.


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